Thursday, September 4, 2008

William Jesse Wright

I have written about Jesse Wright and his wives Elizabeth Moore, Mary Brummett, Maggie Perdue and Nickotie Vanover.  At our Mullins reunion Aunt Vera brought some pictures of Jesse that I had not seen before.  I had one that she had seen but did not have.  I realized I had put a cropped version of mine on the blog but not the full version.  I also printed one of Jesse in the story about Big Jim Wright's death.  Here are all the pictures I have of Jesse.

This is Jesse Wright with his daughter, Cora, and her husband, James Mullins.  The children are Jesse, J. D. and Vera.  I would guess 1928.
That's Jesse Mullins leaning against the barrel, Jesse Wright, J. D. squatting, Vera by Jesse and a woman and child that are unknown.  This was takn at Pine Mountain where the rangers station.  Had to be before 1935.

This was at Big Jim Wright's funeral in 1930.  Jesse is on the left of the coffin standing by Nickotie Vanover, his fourth wife.  She is directly beside the coffin.  On the far right we have identified the last man as Marvin Wright, Big Jim's brother.  Big Jim was James Monroe Wright, son of Jesse's brother, Joel Martin.  BIg Jim was his nephew, but for a short time he was also his son-in-law when Jim and Jesse's daughter, Susan, were married for a short time.  Susan and Jim had one daughter.  They divorced and she married Olvin Houston and then Noah Burcham.  Jim married again, too, first to Lillie Hall and then to Martha Jane Brown.
When I wrote the story about Jim's death there is another picture showing the crowd at this funeral.  Aunt Vera said the house that was in that picture was Big Jim's.  It was HUGE.

This Jesse and his daughters.  Alice is standing, Cora is in the middle holding a baby.  Jesse.  Stooping is Gertrude with an unidentified child.  Alice and Gertrude were the daughters of Nickotie. Cora is the daughter of Maggie Perdue.
This is another of Jesse's daughters.  Cora, Eliza and Susan.  Cora and Eliza were daughters of Maggie Perdue.  Susan was the daguther of Mary Brummett. She was known as Mother Houston.

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