Thursday, September 25, 2008

John Bates Dead -- Wife Also Dies

Lois sent me this clipping after I attended the Bates Festival. Then I had to figure out which John Bates the clipping referred to.

John Wallis Bates was married twice. First to Lavina Light and second to Sarah Waldrup. He had 12 children with Sarah, the baby being Martin Van Buren Bates. This John W. Bates was referred to as Martin's nephew so I knew it had to be a son of John Wallis Jr, Jesse, James, Robert, Uriah, or Henderson.

John Wallis Jr., Jesse, Robert and Uriah had no children named John. That narrowed it down to James and Henderson. By luck I started with Henderson's John and already had in my work that he had died in Ohio in 1923.

This John W. Bates was born January 1854 in Virginia. He first married Mary Emily but I cannot find her maiden name. It wasn't in the obituary either unless she really was a Bates at birth, too.

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