Sunday, September 21, 2008

Children's Play Final Performance

We all stayed to watch the final performance of the play.   Again, it was wonderful.  I sat up closer and got a few shots.  It was definitely worth staying for.

Intro of the Play.
Martin Van Buren Bates arrives in Seville on the train.
The townspeople are amazed by Martin's size.
Martin goes to Mrs. Crowley's boarding house to find a place to stay.
Mrs. Crowley and the townspeople build a fire to keep Martin's feet warm and to keep him from catching a draft.
5 gallons of johnnycakes are made to feed Martin breakfast.  Neighbors help Mrs. Crawley cook.
The town has a dance and invites Martin to celebrate with them.
Martin joins in the dancing.
The town helps build Martin's home.  Anna arrives to see it.
The cast takes a bow..

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