Monday, September 8, 2008

Robert and Betsy Staumbaugh Fleming

Our Fleming family came from Ireland.  The oldest known Fleming in my work is William Fleming who was born in Dublin in 1738.  He was married to Virginia "Jenny" Buchanan.  She was born in Blairlush, Romelton, Donegal, Ireland.

Their son, Robert Fleming, was born on July 1, 1772 in Dublin.  He came to America before 1790 arriving in New York.  The last thing his mother gave him in Ireland was a cup of buttermilk.  The trip to America took nine weeks and 9 days.  He came alone.  Robert was in the 1790 census of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  He lived alone in this census.

On September 21, 1809 Robert married Elizabeth "Betsy" Stumbaugh in Washington County, Maryland. By 1812 the couple was living in Powell Valley, Lee County, Virginia.  

He enlisted in the military on September 4, 1814. The U. S. Army Register of enlistments have  Robert was a private in the war of 1812.  He was in the 3rd US Infantry Company under Company Commander Captain Johnson.  His regimental commander was Colonel A. Arbuckle. His military records say that he was five feet nine and one-half inches tall with gray eyes and brown hair.  He was fair complected.  He was 28 years old when he enlisted.  His occupation at that time was painter and glazier.  He listed his place of birth as Ireland.  He served until March 10, 1815.  Another source said he traveled 230 miles while serving in Captain David Gooding's company of the 16th Infantry Regiment of the Kentucky militia.

After 1812 they lived in Kentucky.  They had seven children:

John Jackson "Jack" or "J. J." Fleming was born June 9, 1812 in Powell Valley.  He married Mary Jane "Little Mary" Mullins, the daughter of John Wesley "Holly Creek" Mullins and Olive "Ollie" Cox.  Mary was the first woman to settle in Wise County.  They raised twelve children in Virginia.  Jack died February 1, 1881.  Little Mary died in 1893.

Margaret "Peggy" Fleming married John Alexander "Turtle Neck Alex: Mullins.  He was the son of Money Makin' Sol Mullins and Sarah Greenfield Cathey.  They lived in Pike County, Kentucky and raised 13 children. 

Phillip "Phil" Fleming was born in 1815.  He married Hannah Minerva Mullins, a sister of Little Mary Mullins.  They had three children and stayed in Virginia.

Lovina "Vina" Fleming was born in Floyd County, Kentucky.  She married John Mullins.

Frederick "Fightin' Fred" Fleming was born in 1821 in Floyd County.  He married Nancy Ann "Annie" Wright, the daughter of Joel Martin and Susannah Wright.  They had twelve children and lived their lives in Kentucky.

William "Whiskey Bill" Fleming was born in 1823 in Beaver Creek, Kentucky.  He married Elizabeth "Letta" Mullins.  They raised fourteen children.

Robert Jefferson "Big Jeff" Fleming  His first wife was Elizabeth Leatha "Lettie" Mullins.  They had elevn children and were married for twenty years. He never married but had six children with Esther Manerva "Easter" Bentley, the daughter of Thomas Bentley and Margaret Mary Crace.  Big Jeff divorced Lettie and married Margaret Ann "Peggy" Rose.  They had eleven children.  That is 28 children for Big Jeff.  However, I won't be suprised if I find another child somewhere with another woman.  There must be a lot of stories out there about Jeff.

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