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Dorothy Mullins 1930-1981

I met a cousin through this blog. He wrote a comment, and I asked him to email me so that I could make sure his family was included. He wrote me another email and asked me about Dorothy Mullins. I didn't know her, but from the location I figured she had to be part of my Mullins family or one of the ones I had run into. He then sent me some more details and I was able to find her.

She is Dorothy Ellen Mullins. She was born May 12, 1930 in Letcher County, Kentucky. She was the granddaughter of Rebecca Hays who is my g-g grandmother. Rebecca was married to James "Jim" Mullins. He was the son of Old Booker Mullins. Rebecca and James had four children: John, Booker, Sarah and Joshua. Joshua was my great grandfather. Dorothy comes through Joshua's brother, Booker.

Booker was a farmer. He married Sarah Ann Adams. She was the daughter of Moses Adams and Elizabeth "Betsy" Adams.

Sarah Ann Adams & Booker T. Mullins

In 1900 Booker and Sarah were living in Whitesburg. He and Sarah had four children: Rebecca 11, Moses 6, Millie 3 and Charley 4 months.

In 1910 the census shows that Booker and Sarah had been married for 22 years. Sarah had had 10 children and only 6 of them were alive at that time. The children living with them were: Becca 17, Moze 14, Millie 13, Charlie 11, Susan 8 and Henry 4.

Booker died on February 8, 1919 of pneumonia from the Spanish influenzia.
Sarah lived until 1951.

Their son, Charles Buford Mullins married Bertha "Bertie" Sturgill who was later known as "Big Mother." They had three children: Cecil and two whose names were unknown to me though I knew one was female and one male.

From my cousins emails I found that the female was Dorothy Mullins. She was the second wife of William Stephen Long. They married on June 24, 1962 after his first wife, Rebecca Tolliver died.

William and Rebecca had James Keith Long as a son. He married Atha Delores Bentley who was the daughter of Willie and Edna Bentley. What a small world.

Dorothy and William had a daughter names Linda Lou. I am still searching for more information on this family, but I was so glad to fill in a blank for Booker's line.

Now the child that I did know about who was Dorothy's brother, was Cecil Mullins. He was born in 1923 in Letcher County and died in 1997 in Jefferson County. He married Margaret Loucille Johnson. I have two more generations but I assume that they are living so I am not going to print their names or anything since I don't know them personally.

Cecil Mullins

I was able to update this information because my cousin, Jimmy, a grandson of Uncle Willie and Aunt Edna, wrote to me. His parents are James Keith Long and Atha Delores Bentley.

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