Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bates Festival: Children's Play

Dan Andreason wrote a children's book called "The Giant of Seville:  A Tall Tale Based on a True Story".  Janine Sarnowski produced and directed this play which was a narration of the book acted out by elementary children from Seville's school -- plus an adult or two.  In the program it says they had "a very small budget, very large hearts, and only 4 hours total rehearsals."

I missed the first presentation of this play when I was at the museum this morning.  The afternoon presentation appeared to overlap a history presentation at the Baptist church.  I thought I would just watch part of it, slip over to the history presentation and then come see it again to catch the ending later on.  I sat in the back.  Where else do you sit when you aren't going to stay for the whole thing and don't want to bother anyone? 

I was enchanted.  The narration by Jane Morse was perfectly cast.  Richard Schlue was an excellent Captain Bates even if he is only six feet eight inches tall.  Kelsey Dake as Mrs. Crawley and all the children portraying the townspeople was perfect.  I wasn't sure I would really like this children's tale, but this presentation made me love it.  I bought two copies of the book afterward so that each of my grandchildren could have this wonderful book based on the lives of their g-g-g-g-g uncle and his wife.

I saw in the program that a video was being made of the play and would be for sale, but the folks at the book table couldn't tell me about it.  I had planned to leave tomorrow morning as soon as I ate breakfast, but I believe I am going to stay and see this play again so that I have an opportunity to get more details about the play and find myself a seat nearer the front for this wonderful presentation.  I wanted to bring my granddaughter to this festival. She would have liked everything we did, but she would have loved this play!!  I hope she can attend next year.

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