Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bentley Reunion 2008

Normally, at a reunion I try to take an individual picture of each person in attendance and then group shots throughout the days. I didn't take many this year. I was doing more talking and writing things down. Lisa and Nancy took a lot of pictures. They shared them with me and here they are:
Billy Salyers, Sarah Bentley & Fred Bentley
Bob Bentley, Eddie Bentley, Terry & Linda Bentley

Charlotte Bentley, Sherry & Gary Adkins, Kris Bentley

Bob Bentley, Jim Mullins, Ronnie Morgan

Several family members bring their RV's to the homeplace. This was Bob and Charlotte's.

L-R Terry Bentley, Gary Adkins, Bob Bentley, Charlotte (behind with her back to us), Lana, me and Sherry Bentley.

J. D. Mullins

Lettie Bentley & Kris Bentley

Bob Bentley, Karen Mullins & Kris Bentley

Peter Dursch

Lana Mullins

Peter and Gary Dursch, Jr.

Mary Evelyn Bentley

Morgan, Meghan & Gracie Bentley

Riley Morgan

Bob Bentley, Me, Kris Bentley

Peter & Gary Dursch, Sr.

Joe Bentley (son of Otho), Bob Bentley, Joe Bentley (Greenup County)

Lana Mullins, Gage Bentley, Riley Morgan

Lana Mullins

Gary Adkins, Kris Bentley

Fred Bentley

Pauline and her husband.

Doris Bentley & Lettie Bentley

Lana Mullins & Lisa Bentley

Kelly Holbrook & Lettie Bentley

Joe Bentley before he turned 80.

Stella's Clan

Eddie Bentley & Jerry Bentley

Alley Morgan

Jerry Bentley and his granddaughter. Notice her hand. He has candy in his pocket and he wanted to eat dinner first. She was telling him "I just want to hold it."

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