Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mary Jane "Little Mary" Mullins

Mary Jane Mullins was the daughter of John Wesley "Holly Creek" Mullins and Olive "Ollie" Cox. 

Mary called her people "Tuckahoe" and "Buckskin".  In "Voice of the Hills" by James K. Spaulding on page 64  says:

  • "The people of whom I am now writing call those east of the mountains, "Tuckahoe" and their country Old Virginia. They themselves are Cohees and their country is New Virginia ... In parts of Virginia east of the Blue Ridge large mushrooms growing under the ground are called "Tuckahoe" meaning upstarts and newcomers."
In 1829 Mary Jane Mullins, at age fourteen, was the first pioneer woman to settle at Holly Creek (now Clintwood)with her father

John Mullins and three younger brothers. Four years later

she married John Jack Fleming and raised twelve children

for sixty four years until her death she made this area home.

This monument was erected by Mountain People and Places in front of the Jonnie B. Deel Library in Clintwood, Virginia.

Photo by Martha M. Short, October 1998.

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