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Fightin' Fred Fleming & Nancy Ann Wright

Frederick Nelson Fleming was the son of Robert & Elizabeth “Betsy” Stumbaugh Fleming.


DNA testing that has been done recently shows that Frederick does not match the DNA of his brothers. I know this has made a lot of people angry, but that is what it is showing. I thought I would mention that upfront. He was certainly raised as Robert and Betsy's child. He was born in 1821 in Floyd County, Kentucky.

In 1840 he married Nancy Ann Wright, the daughter of Joel and Susannah Wright.

In 1850 Fred lived next door to Nancy’s mother, Susannah Wright. His household included
  • Anna 30,
  • Elizabeth 9,
  • Susannah 7,
  • Mary 5,
  • Viney 5
  • Jane Perlina 1.
In the 1860 the census taker spelled the name Flemondd.

  • Anna was 40,
  • Elizabeth 19,
  • Susan 17,
  • Mary 15,
  • Leviney 14,
  • Sarah 12,
  • Loveda 10
  • Jeferson 8,

In 1870 Frederick is 50,

  • Nancy 50,
  • Luvina 22,
  • Eda M. 20,
  • Sarah 17,
  • John 12,
  • Solomon 9,
  • Clarinda 9,
  • Elijah 3.

The way I have the children listed is

Elizabeth “Betsy” Fleming who first married or had a child with Robert John Frazure. Second she married my great great grandfather Nathaniel “Thaney” Houston.

Susan Fleming married Thomas Stewart.

Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Fleming married Richard euben “Dick” Hall.

Lovene/Lavina Sarah “Viney” Fleming married Winfield Scott Johnson. They both died of pneumonia – he on the 23rf of February and she on the 24th in 1921.

Jane Perlina died at age 11.

Edia “Edy” Fleming married William Finley Bentley. They were the parents of Jeff Bentley who married Otho Bentley’s sister, Mary.

Sarah Ann Fleming died at age 65, but I don’t know if she married.

William Fleming is another one that I don’t know about.

John Jefferson “Preacher Jeff” Fleming married Mary Francis Johnson.

Solomon J. “Black Sol” Fleming married Easter F. Branham.

Clarinda married Thomas Bentley. He was her first cousin. He was the daughter of Big Jeff Fleming and Esther Bentley that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

Elijah Andrew Fleming married Martha Jane Hall.

Frederick was known as “Fightin’ Fred” Fleming. I just assumed that he earned that name while he served in the Confederate army. He served in Company F of the 5th Kentucky Infantry. You know what assuming does. I found out that he earned the nickname because he liked to fight. Remember those old movies we would see where the fighters would come to town and set up a ring and invite the locals to take on the champ? He would fight that way. It was a pastime. He would fight friends and neighbors who also liked this pastime. That’s how he earned the nickname of Fightin’ Fred.

He died in 1878. I found his cemetery in Hemphill when I was in Kentucky in August

In 1880 Nancy Ann was the head of household. Still living with her was

  • Jefferson 24,
  • Solomon 19,
  • Clarinda 19
  • Elijah 18.

In 1900 she was living with her son, Elijah.

She died on November 18, 1904. She was buried in Speight, Pike County, Kentucky. I haven’t seen her grave yet.

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