Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bates Festival Part 2

We didn't get up early or rather we didn't leave the hotel early, but we managed to have breakfast at the United Methodist Church where the Kiwanis hosted a pancake breakfast.  We managed to not give in to the high pressure sales to try the buckwheat pancakes (well Nancy and I didn't) and had sausage and orange juice with some tasty pancakes.  The church sat near the historical society, so we took a tour.

It is a very nice museum.  The first floor is dedicated to pictures and items having to do with Martin, Anna Swan and other things to do with the Bates living in Seville.  There were two pieces of Anna's furniture there.

The papier mache mock ups of the Bates were in one room.  I forgot to take a picture of them, but they have been around since 1983.  Also in that room was a picture of Martin that I had never seen before.
After looking at the things in the museum and running into several of our Bates relatives, we went over to the park and bought our tickets for the two walking tours this evening -- one down main street  to the cemetery and another after the fireworks tonight. 
There is some Civil War renactment going on and we happened to be there when the cannons were being fired.

Nancy and Lisa left for a previous engagement that they have in Medina.  I am heading back to attend the children's play being put on at the elementary school and then a talk about family history on the Bates at the Baptist church.  I won't mind finding the barbecued chicken we were smelling when we left the park either.

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