Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bates Festival - Evening

We met back to the hotel after the play, family history, and memorial service.  We went back to the festival around 7 to pick up something to eat and be on time for our Haunted History Lantern Walk.  Children under 10 weren't allowed on this walk and there were to be no strollers, but there was at least one stroller and several children.  It started late and ran over into the time the firewoks started.  The woman who led the tour could be very good, but I just felt there wasn't enough haunted history in Seville for her to work with. 

We watched the fireworks as we took a shortcut from the cemetery back to the park area.  We had bought tickets for an evening tour of the cemetery after the fireworks but I decided not to go.  I told Lisa and Nancy that I would meet them at the cemetery at 11 pm when the tour would be over so that they would not have to walk back to the car or park.  They decided not to go either.  Instead we talked about how we really wanted pie or cobbler or something really good to eat.  We settled on the Diary Queen across from the hotel and each got chicken instead of something sweet.

I wished I had brought clothes to be able to attend church at the First Baptist Church.  Instead we will go back and get some pictures at the How do you measure up booth and a few others things we saw and didn't get pictures of.  I want to attend the play again at noon and then will head back home.

I gotta tell ya that those buttons the mayor came up with which said "I'm a Bates" worked wonders.  After the history session today a couple stopped me and asked if I were family.  They were from Beavercreek.  They were Bates relatives, too.  They had missed the dinner last night.  They were headed to an Indians game in Cleveland tonight, but had managed to stop for a few of the activities. They said next year they would try to come for the whole weekend.

I hope there is a festival next year because this one was a big success for those of us that were family members.  I hope that it was a success for Seville, too.  They went out of their way for us and everything they did was a class act.

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