Friday, September 19, 2008

Who Did You Grow Up With?

Several years before her death Vivian Wright Goodley wrote, "Within four square blocks in the area where Jimmy was raised there were many people that were his childhood and young adult friends that became famous as adults."  Her list included:

John Piendak, M.D. took care of of Vivian when Sharon was born.

Danny Nathans won the Nobel Prize winner in medicine specializing in Imaging.  Jimmy said that he knew when they were in school together that he was going to be great.  He never received anything but A's and was a whiz on every subject.

John Edward Babiarz born June 6, 1915, the son of Stanley and Mary Fere Babiarz. He married June 4, 1939 to Adele F. Barczuk. He was a Democrat who served in the U. S. Army during World War II. He served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Delaware in 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1968. He was the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware from 1961 to 1969. He was of Catholic Polish ancestry.

William T. McLaughlin was born in 1917. He served two terms as Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware. He passed away on May 30, 2008. Current Vice Presidential Candidate, Senator Joe Biden, read a Congressional Record Statement about McLaughlin’s life and contributions to the state of Delaware on June 10, 2008. The public safety building in Wilmington was named after him.

Judge E. Norman Veasey was the Chief Justice of Delaware from 1992 to May of 2004... During his time in the courts the U S Chamber of Commerce ranked Delaware's courts first in the nation for three consecutive years for their fair and reasonable and efficient litigation environment.

Three State Judges

Four teachers; one was Jesse Klosiewicz

An actress

Frank Pyle, Chief of Police in Wilmington

Chief of Police in Rehoboth, DE

Leo “The Point” Marshall was the Head of Democratic Council of Wilmington. At one point he ran for a seat on New Castle County Council in 1966. Time Magazine, in an article on political pranks, reported “Democrat Leo Marshall, seeking a seat on Pennsylvania's New Castle County Council in 1966, was the victim of someone who sent a flatbed truck carrying a black band and black semi-nude go-go girls into a conservative white ethnic neighborhood, noisily urging his election. He lost.”

Charles “Chip” Marshall, Leo’s brother, was born on August 28, 1919. He played pro ball as a catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1941. Pro basketball player Marshall, catcher for St. Louis Cardinals. On June 14, 1941, he collected a putout in his only fielding chance. He did not have a batting appearance and never played a major league game again. Marshall died in his homeland of Wilmington, Delaware at age 87.

John J. "Johnny" Aiello was born August 27, 1917, the son of Frank and Mary Contento Aiello. He served in the U. S. Navy during WWII. He then served as a fire fighter with the City of Wilmington Fire Department and retired after 20 years. His next career was that of plumbing inspector with New Castle County. He retired in 1984. He was a very able athlete and accomplished boxer. He began boxing at the age of 16 and spent nine years as a 118 pound bantamweight amateur fighter. His many awards include the Philadelphia Golden Gloves, the New York Golden Gloves, the Middle Atlantic Flyweight Championship and the Middle Atlantic Bantam Weight Championship. He was also a captain of the Pan American Boxing Team. His record at the end of his amateur career was 300 fights with 295 wins. He turned pro in 1941 and won 11 out of 13 matches. His professional career was interrupted by his service in the Navy. Upon discharge he began coaching. He established a boxing program for service men and also initiated and coached the University of Delaware boxing program from 1984-1985. He was an excellent baseball and basketball player. He loved to golf. He passed away on April 6, 2005.

Joe Kane, Referee NBA

A "cop" killer at 16 years of age

Gloria Warren was born in April 7, 1926. She was an Opera Singer at 16. She went to Hollywood and was prepared to become a rival for Deanna Durbin. She starred in the musical “Always in My Heart” in 1942. After that she was relegated to lesser roles appearing mostly in Westerns or Dramas.

Six lawyers

Sylvester Hosinski, a Catholic Priest. attended Notre Dame with Knute Rockne and became a College Boxing Champion

Jimmy Goodley, a Bowling Champion in Major Leagues and Senior Olympics

Johnny Goodley -- The person of whom Jimmy is most proud was raised in the same home with him. His brother Johnny Goodley fought in World War II. He received the Silver Star, the third highest honor bestowed by the United States Government

I agree with Jimmy.

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