Sunday, September 28, 2008

James "Jim" Mullins 1787 - 1875

James "Jim" Mullins was the son of Booker and Sarah Mullins.  He was the oldest child.  He had twelve siblings:  Sherwood "Sherd", William L. "Lame Hand", Joshua, David, John, Pleasant, Thomas, Anne "Annie", Ambrose, Isham, Booker and Solomon.

In 1812 when James was 25 he married Agnes Little who was 20.  Agnes was the daugther of Isaac and Winnie Roberts Little.  Agne's sister married Jame's brother, Marshall. I am really confused as to whether James and Agnes had any children.  I was told that they raised two daughters of his brother, Booker, who went to Texas.  What I had first heard was that this Booker's wife died and he went to Texas to set up his home before taking the girls.  The older daughter married in Kentucky.

In 1850 Old Booker was lving in James and Agnes' household.

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