Monday, December 22, 2008

Susan's Children

Well, this is interesting to me. When I was going deeper into Susan's children I started by trying to find out who Baby was so that I would know who Susan was upset with. What I found was that she had two children named Cora.

The first Cora was born Cora E. Houston. She was born February 4, 1912.

The second Cora was born September 18, 1914.

Susan had a sister named Cora Emmazetta, my grandmother.

Apparently, the person she was angry with was my grandmother. Then she began calling the first Cora, Baby. It also seems likely that she got over the anger and named the second daugher Cora.

Cora E. "Baby" Huston married Morg Johnson. I found the death certificate for Baby Johnson. It said she died on September 8, 1996 in Loraine, Ohio. Her birthdate was listed as February 4, 1912. Her father was listed as "Houston" and her mother "Wright". That would account for Baby.

The second Cora married a Teague. She died January 27, 2002 in Kentucky.

Also, in the 1910 Census there is a daughter listed as being one month old who was named Anna. In the 1920 Census there is no Anna. Based on birthdates though, Velva was born April 12, 1910. I believe the daughter who was first called Anna became Velva making her name either Anna Velva or Velva Anna or just a new name that Susan called her later on.

I heard that one of the Hargis Hustons went to jail. I don't know whether it was Susan's child or one of the ones in another generation. I did find that Velva Huston was listed as the mother of Hargus Hall who was born in 1948. I would like to talk to this Hargus to see what he knows of family history. I don't know yet what Hall that Velva married.

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