Friday, December 26, 2008

Susan and Olvin

Olvin was not a good husband. He was tolerable for a while. Susan's sister (half sister) Eliza married Olvin's brother Denton. Eliza began having an affair with John Potter. Susan helped her to hide it by letting Eliza and John meet at her home. When Olvin found out what was going on he changed toward Susan. He didn't try to hide that he was seeing other women. He even brought them home with the children that he had had with them and made Susan cook and clean up after them. The child Alvin that I had listed as Olvin and Susan's child was actually one of the children that Olvin had with one of the women that he brought home.

When Olvin was killed Susan was pregnant. Their son, who she named Denton, was born after Olvin died. She took in wash and eeked by a living. Cousin Alma said she had other men in her life, but that she definitely married a Yonts before she married Noah Burcham. She said Noah was good to Susan and they were happy together.

Alma said the sisters Susan, Eliza and Cora all had different men in their lives when they were young, but that after they married and matured they were all good women. She called them "rounders" in their youth.

Susan went on to be known as Mother Houston.

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