Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Huston Johnson

I have been reading interviews that contain bits and pieces about Olvin Wright. He must have been as mean as they come. In one piece it talked about him having a son, Alvin by another woman than his wife, Susan Wright. It said he brought the boy and his mother home and Susan had to let them in and not say anything. It said she was scared not to do what Olvin said.

In an interview with Alma Meade Bolling, Flossie Meade and Roy Meade they went on to say that Baby Johnson was originally called Mary for Susan's mother, Mary Brumett. Olvin got mad at his mother-in-law and forbid anyone to ever call the child Mary again. Now I know from the birth record that she was originally called Cora E. However, having a name given at birth is no guarantee that that child will keep or even be called anything like their birth name. So Cora, called Mary, then Baby was a result of anger with Susan's mother, Mary by her son -in-law, Olvin Huston.

The second birth named Cora was referred to as Cora Lee by Alma and her siblings. I am going to ask Alma to talk to me about Susan and Olvin.

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