Saturday, December 13, 2008

Middle Millstone School 1940s

This is one I know some of you can help me with. I recognize the twins, Jimmy & Can in this group. Jimmy is in the front row fifth from the left. Can is in the second row third from the right. Who else do you all know?

This is Jimmy Bentley born June 30, 1939. This is how I recognized him in the picture.

This is Can Bentley born June 30, 1939.

This picture is too young for this one because the twins would only have been two years old. It does give a reference point as to what John Vint looked like at this point in his life. He was 7.

Here is John a little older.
It is possible that Fred could have been in this group unless he was a little too young. Maybe between John and Fred we can identify some of these folks.

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