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John Quiller & Sarah Collier Yonts

With a name like John Quiller, I knew that he had to have a Bentley line in his background. This is John's lines.

He was the son of Solomon "Sollie" Yonts and Virginia Jane "Jennie" Quillen.

Sollie was the son of Charles Yonts and Hannah Houston. He was a half brother to Nathaniel "Thaney" Houston. Charles was the son of William & Levisa Yonts. I can't go back further on William yet. I thought I had his line figured out, but after corresponding with another cousin and then going back to look at some original records, I don't believe his line goes back the way I had it connected. Remember this William, though.

Jane Quillen was the daughter of Richard Teague Quillen and Catherine "Katie" Yonts. Katie was the daughter of William Yonts and Nancy F. Rhea. This William was the son of William and Margaret Bentley Yonts. This is the same William I told you to remember. He was married twice. Margaret Bentley was his first wife. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas & Hannah Bentley. John Quiller or Queller was one of her nephews.

John Quiller Yonts' wife was Sarah Collier. She was the daughter of Robert Collier and Martha Yonts. Her Yonts line goes back to Solomon Yonts & Frances Whitaker. Solomon is the son of William Yonts and Nancy F. Rhea. So here again William's parents were William Yonts and Margaret Bentley.

Now for Sarah's Collier line, Robert was the son of William Dee Collier and Rebecca Meade. Robert was a brother to Willis Kirk Collier who is also buried in this Houston Cemetery.

That being said, let me tell you what I know about this couple.

John was born on April 26, 1881 in Letcher County. He had ten siblings: McCreary, Holly P Nickel, Charles, Catherine, Hannah, William H., Judge S., Richard, Pharas and a child who died between census records that I have not been able to name yet.

Sarah was born on August 6, 1886 at Neon. I haven't worked on her parents much so the siblings I am aware of so far were twins, Solomon and Henderson, Willie K, Mandy, William H., James F., Timothy, Sheridan, and Myra.

Both Sarah and John Q. are with their parents in the 1900 census records. I can't find them yet in 1910 or 1920. I did find John's World War I draft registration. It said he was a tippleman for Elkhorn Coal. It also described him as short with a medium build having black eyes and black hair.

In 1930 Sarah and John Q. are in Neon. John was 47 and listed a plumber for the coal mines. It says he married at 21 and Sarah at 16. This would put their marriage at about 1902. Listed with them are

Luther, 23, a chauffeur for a garage,

Marcus, 21

Marths 21, the twin of Marcus

Gladys 19.

There is another daughter that I have found, Quilva, but she is not in their household in 1930.

John died of myocardial failure on January 20, 1950. He was buried in the Houston cemetery on January 21st.

Sarah died on July 21, 1967. She was buried in the row behind John directly behind his grave.

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