Monday, December 22, 2008

Mother Houston Part 2

Susan Wright (1879-1978) and Aulden "Olvin" Huston (1880-1919)

Susan, Olvin, Hargis and Charley.

I wrote about Susan Wright in June. I knew at that time that she was the daughter of William Jesse Wright and his second wife, Mary Brummett.

She was married three times that I knew of: first Samuel Vanover. She married him when she was 13 to get away from her step-mother. She was a widow at age 18. She next married Auden G. "Olvin" Huston who was the son of Thaney and Betsy. They had seven children: Baby (who was born after 1901 and died before 1910), Hargis, Charley, Anna, Velva, Baby (who had another name, but when Susan got mad at the namesake she called her Baby ever after), Cora, Olvin and Jame Denton. She also took care of two children that Olvin had with other women, one of whom was Alvin.

Aulden -- and their names have always driven me crazy since they were called something else, is the O. B. Huston whose tombstone I found at Goose Creek. He died in 1919. He had another child with Mary Collier, daughter of Stephen and Mary Meade Collier. Her name was Hattie.

Now my thought were that poor old Susan pined away after Olvin died until she married in 1945 to Noah Burcham. Ha! She married at least two other times. I am reading the interviews of my cousins and will update the story when I get through them. Susan was married at least five times.

The reason I did bring her up is I found pictures of her and I did not want to wait til I got through the research before sharing them.

Susan was my grandmother, Cora Wright's half sister. I can't wait to get through the interviews and tell you more about Susan.

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