Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guess who is coming to dinner?

I found this among some Mullins pictures. It was taken on Mullins land and reminded me of a story that I heard from Uncle Glen and Aunt Vera last year. This coon is no where near the size of the one in the story.Here is the story:

January 27, 2007

Tonight I attended the wedding of my cousin, Laura’s son, Billy. While talking with Uncle Glenn I mentioned that I was fine and so were the coons in my attic. He started chuckling and asked if I had heard about the folks who kept a raccoon as a pet. I had not and he proceeded to tell the following.

James Mullins (his father-in-law and my maternal grandfather) lived next door to relatives named Quillen who kept a raccoon as a pet. It was kept on a chain outside in the yard like a dog would be. One day the Mullins had the Quillens over for dinner. The Mullins house had a screened in porch on the front and the back of the house. They were all sitting around the dinner table when they heard the back door slam and they all waited to see who else was coming in to dinner. Enter the raccoon. Uncle Glenn said that James Mullins didn’t hold to having ANY animals in the house and proceeded to get up and yell at the raccoon to GET OUT. It just looked at him and stood still. James rared back to kick the raccoon and before he knew it the raccoon wrapped around his leg and went to nipping at him. James and the raccoon danced toward the back door and by the time he got to the back door the raccoon was finally off of his leg and up in one of the apple trees in the back yard.

Several dogs in the neighborhood circled the raccoon while he was treed as James and the family watched to see what would happen. Soon all but one of the dogs tired of circling the tree and left. Uncle Glenn indicated that this coon was about 3 feet tall when he stood up. The coon got directly over the remaining dog and jumped down on his back and then flipped him over and held him there for some time. I am glad the raccoons in my attic are not someone’s wayward pet that have grown to that size.

As he finished the story Aunt Very came over and he reminded her of the dinner where the raccoon latched on to her dad’s leg. She said “ oh yeah, and did you tell them about the dogs in the back yard?” and proceeded to recount that the raccoon was “this” high and showed the exact same measurement that Uncle Glenn had used to show us how big the Quillen’s pet raccoon was. The only thing I don’t understand about the story was that James didn’t get a gun and shoot him out of the tree or that he stayed a pet after that dinner. I guess he respected the rights of others even when they strayed over the line into his rights.

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