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Rinda Mae Houston & Jonathan A. "Twig" Collier

Rinda Mae Houston was born on October 15, 1879. When she was 19 she married Jonathan A. "Twig" Collier who was 24. Twig was the son of Stephen Collier and Mary Meade. H was the grandson of Richard Collier and Mary Caudill. Richard was the son of Daniel Collier and Elizabeth Prather. Richard was also the brother of William Dee Collier who was the father of Willis Kirk Collier who was the father of Sadie Collier who married Otho Bentley.
Mary Caudill was the daughter of Matthew Caudill and Sarah Webb who are my fourth great grandparents. Mary's sister, Susannah Caudill married Joseph Hampton. Their daughter Nancy married Enoch Mahlon Hall. Their son Joe married Lettie Craft. Their daughtre Nancy married Otho Bentley.
Rinda was my great grand aunt through the Houstons and Twig was my 2nd cousin three times removed through Granny.
In the 1900 Letcher County Census Twig and Rindy had been married for two years and had one son, William H, who was 1 year old.

Ten years later the family had grown. Now married 12 years Rindy reported she had had six children and all six were living: William H. 11, Ballard 9, Delpha E. 7, Marcellus 5, Stepher E. 3 and Thomas Luther 1year and 2 months. Twig was farming out a living for his family.
Visiting the Houston Cemetery at Goose Creek I found the following

If you look at this picture closely it says she was born on October 15, 1879 and died on June 8, 1915.

I always try to look for official records. I found a death certificate for a Renda M. Collier who died in 1917. She was in Pike County. At first I only found it in the Kentucky Death Index. It only gives the certificate number, volume and year that it was filed. Then I went to looking for it so I could let it go out of my mind. It said in the index for the ancestry that this was for an "Unnamed Collier". Someone sent in a correction to ancestry so there is a second note that it is for an "Unnamed Huston". I had to look at this one. I thought maybe the name of the person who died had been left off. The cause of death was blank, but the name was Renda M. Collier as supplied by J. A. Collier and listed her parents as Nathanual Huston and a Fleming. It is not marked as delayed. It shows her home at that time was Myra, Pike County, Kentucky.

Cousin Alma said she had the dates of death written down for Nathaniel and Betsy. Now I hope that list includes Rinda Mae, too. I have it on my list of things to talk to her about when we talke again. I also am interested in what her cause of death was.

Next to Rindy in the cemetery is her husband, Twig.

Their son, Thomas Luther Collier, who was born February 23, 1908 died on March 18, 1941.

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