Friday, December 5, 2008

Hayes Bentley 1921 - 1944

Walker Hayes Bentley was born January 21, 1921. His parents were Morgan Bentley and Isabel Fleming. He has a double Bentley line. Morgan's parents were Solomon Bentley and Mary Jane Bentley. Solomon's line goes back to John Queller Bentley who was our Benjamin Bentley's brother. John Queller and Benjamin were sons of Daniel Bentley. Mary Jane's line goes back thru to the Benjamin Bentley who was a brother to Daniel.
Isabel Fleming was the grandchild of Frederick Fleming and Nancy Ann Wright. Hayes is related to me through mom and through Dad.
Hayes was not married according to his Army enlistment records. However he did say he was single with dependents. I believe his children were Eleanor and Kenneth R. Bentley and that their mother was Octavia Stewart. Hayes enlisted in the army on July 2, 1942. Eleanor was born December 26, 1942. Kenneth was born June 9, 1944. Hayes died on September 8, 1944.
Hayes is buried in the Houston Cemetery at Goose Creek behind where R. B. & Siller Houston Meade and Denton Houston's homes used to be.

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  1. Hayes and Octavia married on 14 Mar 1942, in Pike Co., KY; Book 168 Page 22