Friday, May 2, 2008

Thornton School Pictures

I am not sure what the quality of these pictures is coming through to you. Some I know are a bit fuzzy. Either the original I copied was fuzzy or it was one of those I took with my 35mm years ago and didn't know it was blurry or bad until the print was made. I would gladly reshoot them, but I don't always have the opportunity to do so. If someone has a better copy of the same picture, please sent it and I will share it with anyone, too.

Today I have two pictures of Thornton Schools. I got them both from Opal Hall Holbrook. Her father, Alvin Hall, was Nancy Alice Hall's brother. Nancy Alice married Otho Bentley. Alvin Hall married Mary "Polly" Franklin. Nancy and Alvin were half brother and sister. Both had Joseph Hall as their father. Alvin's mother was Sarah Caudill. Nancy's mother was Lettie Craft. I could tell you all the ways that Sarah was related to us, but that would be another story.

Alvin was a very versatile man. I have a whole other blog planned for his and Mary's family and life. He was on the School Board. He is in the first picture of the large group. Opal was spouting off a whole bunch of people in the picture to me, but I could not get them associated quickly enough and she was too sick for me to work with her the way I needed to for identification. I am going to Millstone the first week of June. I will see how she is feeling then and see if I can get the names she knows.
The first time she gave me pictures the second picture was one of them. I am printing the index copy where I have had the names on them. Opal rattled them off like it was yesterday at school. Some family names I recognize. Others, I know nothing of. If you recognize someone and have a remembrance about them, please send it to me and I will do a reprint in the future with stories about the children. She started telling me some, but her husband was just diagnosed with cancer on my second trip to see her and she just wasn't able to think about pictures.

One thing you might do is this. You probably know to first click on the picture and it will give you a larger size. While it is in the larger size, right click it to do a save as. Most computers have paint as a program. Once you have the picture downloaded, open it, right click on it and choose "Open with" and choose Paint. It will then open as a very large picture where if you are having trouble seeing them you can usually see better. You can open with other picture programs you have and may be able to manipulate them into something better or make repairs to them.

Oh and in the first picture the only name I remember that Opal told me is that Alvin is in the picture, but try as I might I couldn't remember which one he was. I do have a notebook of notes from those visits and I might have more info if I would pull them out. The Millstone School pictures got a lot of comments so rather than waiting until I went back to Millstone in a month or pulled out the Opal notebook, I figured you all might like seeing these.

Oh and if someone in these pictures means something to you and you want their picture by itself, I already have them broken out into individual pictures. Just let me know who you want. Hopefully, the few that Opal didn't remember that one day some of you can recognize. If I had to make a guess I would put the second picture at 1930. I am going by Ed Hall who was born in 1922 and looks about 8 to me, but I could be talked into him being six, also.

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