Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mullins Pine Mountain PIcnic

The Mullins side of the family went to Pine Mountain for picnics, also. I found this set of pictures of one picnic which occurred in 1949.

The family make up is James & Cora Wright Mullins. Their children Jesse, Vera and J. D. Jesse married Nina Pratt. They have two daughters, Myrna and Carol Sue. Vera married Glenn Murphy. They have Emma Gaye and Vera is pregnant with Glenna in these pictures. J. D. is married to Cora Bentley. They have Linda Kay and Margaret Ann.

Also, at this picnic is Glenn's mother, Laura Mason Murphy known as "Ma" Murphy and Bill Schaefer, a man who lived with Ma and Pa (which is what we called Cora and James).
As far as dating this picture, Sue was born in April and Glenna in November of 1949, so the picnic occurs in the summer between those dates.

Here are the pictures from that day:

Nina holding Margaret, James, Cora, Glenn.

Nina sitting with James and Cora.

James and Cora by the car.

James holding Carol Sue.

Cora and James in front of the car.

Row 1: Emma, Myrna and Kay

Row 2: Nina holding Sue, Vera, and Cora holding Margaret

Cora Bentley Mullins with her back to us and Ma Murphy.

Bill, Jesse and James.

Kay in front. Cora holding Margaret. Nina beside her. Bill, Vera and Cora Wright Mullins, Ma Murphy in the back.

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