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Mary Brummitt

Mary Brummett was the second wife of William Jesse Wright. She is the one I found in the 1880 census with Jesse and their 8 month old daughter, Susan.

Mary Emaline Brumitt was born on November 14, 1861. She was the daughter of Alexander and Catherine Sabrina Masters Brummitt. They were from Wise County, Virginia. The Gladeville, Wise County, Virginia Census in 1870 says Alexander was 36, a farmer born in Tennessee and living with his wife, Sebrina age 35 born in North Carolina. Their children are Charles A. 14, Calvin W. 12, William P. 9, Mary E. 8, Nathan 6 and John A. 1 month.

On the net you will see all over the place that Jesse and Mary were married on December 17 1885. I have not seen the original record. The only transcribed record I can see of this marriage lists the groom as William M. Wright and Mary Brummitt. Mary was a very common name in the Brummett family. I think this must be for another William and Mary. It doesn't make sense in the timing of Jesse's third marriage to Maggie Perdue and the two daughters, Eliza and Cora's births .

I do know that Jesse and Mary are listed in the 1880 census. He is 25. She is 17 and their daughther, Susan, is 8 months old. Also living with them is his Aunt Mary H. Wright, age 62 and Lucinda Wright, age 22, his cousin.

In 1900 Jesse is listed with his fourth wife, Nickatie Vanover. He married Maggie Perdue in 1882. That tells me he and Mary didn't stay together very long.

Susan Wright married a Houston and lived a long life. She was known as "mother Houston". In her obituary it lists her parents as William Jesse Wright and Mary Venters. I knew her mother's name was Brummett, but I figured she had to have married a Venters and those who put the obituary together had never know Mary under any other name. I found a death certificate first for a Mary Meade Venters. The information had been supplied by a Roy Venters. I started searching there.

I found a John Venters who was married to Mary Jane Mullins. John was the son of James Venters and Emeline/Evelyn Slone. James' sister, Jane R. Venters married Joel Martin Wright, William Jesse Wright's brother, the son of Joel Ellis & Eliza Bates Wright. Mary Jane Mullins was the daughter of William & Sarah Ann "Saryan" Bates Mullins. Saryan was the daughter of John Wallis Bates, my great great great grandfather, and his first wife, Levina Light.

John and Mary Jane Mullins Venters had seven children: William "Willie", George Martin, James E., John, Booker, Roy L and Orval C. When Mary Jane died, John married Mary Brummitt in 1898.

In the 1900 census John Venters and Mary Brummett are in Letcher County, Kentucky with John age 49 married 2 years to wife Mary age 37 who has had 5 children, 4 living. Living with them are John and Mary Mullins children: James E. 24, Martin 20, Booker 15, Roy 7, and Orval 3. The last child is John & Mary Brummett's daughter, Piny M., who was born in April of 1898. Mary Mullins may have died when Orval was born in 1896--certainly between 1896 and 1898.

John Venters died before the 1910 census.

Albert Mead was born April 9, 1845. He was the son of Thomas Kronis Mead and Mary "Polly" Hall. He first married Elizabeth Estep. They had nine children: Josephine, Rebecca, Mary, Thomas S., Albert, Artie, John M., Rachel H., and Catherine. Elizabeth died on the 17th of July in 1909.

On April 19, 1910 when the Census was taken, Albert Meade is listed as 65, in his second marriage of 0 years (meaning it has been less than one year since the marriage occurred) with wife, Mary E. age 47. It says she has had 5 children and 4 are living. It is her second marriage. (maybe she forgot about Grandpa Jesse). Living with them are a stepson Roy Venters who is 18 and also in the first year of his marriage, stepson Orville age 13 and step daughter Piney May age 12. Lula Quillen age 12 and Etta Quillen age 10 are granddaughters living with them. John Carlson is a farm laborer who is from Finland who came to America in 1906 and is working for them as a farm hand.

On March 8, 1913 Albert died from paralysis after a second stroke. He is listed as a widower on his death certificate. I don't if that means he and Mary had separated by that time or not. The informant was John L. Bentley of Dean who was also the undertaker. He just may have been wrong in the information he put down.

In 1920 in the census Mary Mead is listed as 59, a widow, and the head of her household. living wth her is Roy Meade son 28, Owl (Orville) Mead son 23, John Mead, grandson age 7 and Gernie C 1 year 10 months, Grandson. Gernie was the son of Piney May.

Mary is still a bit of a mystery to me. I cannot find her in the 1930 census as a Brumeet, Venters or Meade. I can't find Roy. I can't find Piney Mae. I did find a Gernie in West Virginia living with his mother, Elizabeth, a widow and other children with other last names. I don't know if this is the same Gernia or not. I did find his death certificate later in Letcher County listing Piney Mae as his mother. I am going through the census records line by line trying to find one or both of them.

At some pont Roy and Mary both take back the Venters name. Even on her death certificate she is listed as Mary Mead Venters even though Mead was her last husband (that I know about). Roy Venters was the one who supplied the information. I haven't found his death certificate yet.

It's possible that she married again and was under another name in 1930 which may be why I am having such a hard time finding her, but I remember talking to my mom about her. She said she was alone when she knew her. She said she lived near Ma and Pa. She sold vegetables from her home.

I will keep looking for her in 1930 and do an update if I find her.

Mary Emaline Brummett Wright Venters Meade died on June 5, 1946 in Neon of nephritis. The information supplied on the death certificate which is under the name Mary Meade Venters was supplied by Roy Venters.


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