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Nickotie Vanover Wright 1871 - 1952

The Vanover Family came from Holland. The oldest member I have found is Cornelys Van Hovg em who was born in Flanders about 1645 and died in 1691 in Flatbush, Kings County, New York. He was married to Maria Winterslick.

Their son, Cornelius Vanover was born in 1670 in Holland and died in 1720 in Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey. He was married to Styntje Christina Hendricksen who was born in Flatbush and died in New Jersey.

Their son Cornelius Vanover was born in 1716 in Somerset, New Jersey. He married Maria Buys in 1738. He died in 1770 in New Jersey. Maria died in New Jersey in 1761.

Their son Cornelius was born in Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey. He married Abigail Mattox in 1779. They moved to Wilkes County, North Carolina. Both died there.

Their son Cornelius was also born in New Jersey. He married Abby Easterd. They both died in Ashe County, North Carolina.

Their son Daniel Vanover was born in Ashe County, North Carolina. He married Nancy Collins. They moved to Jenkins, Letcher County Kentucky. Daniel died there in 1870.

Their son John was born in North Carolina. He migrated to Pike county, Kentucky and died there in 1900.

Their son, Daniel Vanover was born in 1840 in Pike County. He married Maza A. Vanover. They were second cousins. Her parents were Henry Vanover and Rhoda Long. Henry's parents were Cornelius Vanover and Sarah Cooley Hill. Cornelius's parents were Cornelius Vanover and Abby Easterd. This was their common ancester.

Daniel and Maza had 12 children. Nickotie was their sixth child. She married Jesse Wright when he was 39 and she was 21. This was his fourth marriage.

In 1900 they had been married seven years. Jesse was 47. Nickotie was 30 and had had two children both living. McKinley was 3 and Newton 1. Cora, age 13 was her step-daughter from Jesse's marriage to Maggie Perdue. Nickotie's sister, Sarah who married Thomas Benton Wright was living with them. Hobart Wright, Sarah's 3 year old son and McKinley her 3 month old, were living there, too.

In 1910 at Ford's Branch in Pike County, Kentucky, Jesse was 58, married 18 years, running a general farm. Nettie, as Nickotie was called at times, was 35. She had had 3 more children. Only 3 of her five children were alive. Living with them were Wilburn, age 8, Bettie A. (Alice) 4 and Gertrude, 2. McKinley and Newton had both died. Also, living with Jesse and Nickotie is her father, now 70, Daniel S. Vanover. I think Maza may have died, but I have not found a death certificate or found her in the 1910 census. Daniel does say he is married, not a widower.

On August 8th, 1912 Daniel dies of "cholera morbus (acute)". I looked this up and it said:

  • What would now be diagnosed as gastroenteritis may have instead been diagnosed more specifically as typhoid fever or "cholera morbus" in the 19th and early 20th century. It would occur in summer and autumn marked by severe cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

His death certificate also said his age was a contributing factor. He died in Pigeon, Pikeville, Pike County, Kentucky. The undertaker was Jessie Wright as was the informant. He was buried at the Jessie Wright Cemetery in Pigeon.

In 1920 Jesse is 67, Nickotie 48. In their home is Ballard, 18, Alice 14 and Gertrude 12. They are living in Upper Elkhorn City, Pike County, Kentucky on a farm they own.

In 1930 Jesse and Nickotie are living with their daughter, Alice, and her husband, Columbus Mullins. Columbus is 30, Alice 24. They have children, Cletis 6, Blake 4 and Jewel 18 months. Jessie is 78, Nettie 59 and their daughter, Gertrude, is 22.

Jesse Wright died on April 17, 1935 of pneumonia. Nickotie lived until December 17, 1952 and died in Dorton, Pike County, Kentucky of hypertension and a cerebral hemmorage.

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