Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Dogs on the Mountain

I sent Kris these pictures when I first got them trying to identify folks. He said they were taken on one of the trips they took up to Pine Mountain. They would go up and roast hot dogs and just have a good time. Maybe Judy will remember more and tell us about it. Ernestene said that she went on this trip. It was before she and Can were dating, but she said that she was already crazy about him. Looks like it must have been a fun time.

Can Bentley and Sarah Hall, a friend of Janice Bentley Norman who lived in Ermine.

Unknown, Bessie Holcomb & Can Bentley.

Back rowUnknown, Sarah Hall, Janice Bentley Norman, Judy Pass Robinson and two Unknowns. Directly in front of Janice (who is in the dark blouse) is Bessie Holcomb. The others are unknown to me.

On the left in the dark blouse is Janice Bentley Norman. On the right that is Aunt Alma Bentley holding Kris Bentley. Behind them with the bow in her hair is Judy Pass Robinson. That may be Sammy McKinney in front of Kris. In the center above Sammy is Bessie Holcomb. The rest I don't know.

Judy Pass Robinson in the back corner of the truck closest to us. Bessie Holcomb up beside the cab of the truck. In the other corner of the truck, is Janice Bentley Norman. I think that Can Bentley is probably beside Janice in the back of the truck (going by the dark shirt he has on in the first picture). Janice also recognized the custard stand at the Whitesburg where this was taken. Once she pointed that out I could see it clearly in my mind how it used to be.

John Vint Bentley said that he was the driver of the truck that day. With him in the cab and not seen in any of the pictures, was Miss Shirley Stallard. I wish someone had caught pictures of them, too. Janice said that she still sees Sarah Hall and that probably Sarah was staying all night with her after this outing. Sarah is the daughter of Hillard and Ella Hall.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Dad has some names for you. The girl with Can in the fist picture is Mary Stamper. He said that is Janice in the corner of the truck.
    The girls you don't know are Bessie's friends from Fleming but he doesn't remember their names.

    Dad said that he was the driver of the truck and that Miss Shirley Stallard was with him. I wish they had taken a picture of them.