Sunday, May 25, 2008

Otho Bentley, Jr. 1937 - 1969

Otho Bentley, Jr. was born on May 25, 1937, the 17th of Otho Bentley and 11th of Nancy Alice Hall Bentley's children.

His earliest pictures that I have found are part of the blog "Boys Will Be Boys" on April 22. This is another early shot of Otho:

Jimmy, Can, Otho and Anna Sue Bentley.

Otho Bentley, Tyrone Bentley, Junior Tomar, Billy R. Smith, Bobby Cook, Ray Murphy, Carl Swanger, Norwood Lemaster, Jim Ables, Jonny Wise, George Able, Lawrence Kool and Harold Browning after football practice 1954.

Taken about 1955: Row 1 Otho, Fred and Jerry Bentley Row 2 Jimmy, John Vent & Can.

Otho Bentley on the road in front of the house at Millstone.

Otho and his buddies on leave.

Alan, Otho and Jerry Bentley. Alan and Jerry are Aunt Anna Sue's twins.

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