Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Courting Cora 1942

Dad said you could drive from Goose Creek over the hill into Millstone when he was courting Mom. This was a 1929 model A that his father bought him for $25.

I think that it is the twins on the left, Can facing us and Jimmy climbing up on the car. Mom, of course, then one I don't know and my guess is on the fartherest right is Anna Sue.

In this one I think that is Jimmy front left. The face behind reminds me of Aunt Lettie. I wondered if this was Nanetta. Mom and Dad in the center. Possibly Otho on the side, can't tell who is behind, Freddy as the baby and I can't say who is holding him.


  1. Karen, these pictures are so cool. I love the car. Your parents are so cute. And it makes me smile to see all of those kids under foot. Lisa

  2. I was told on one visit Dad went to sleep and the kids put coal dust on his face.