Saturday, May 24, 2008

1965 Wedding Anniversary

Others are concurring with me that these pictures must have been at Granny and Poppy's 50th wedding anniversary party. Their anniversary was April 1, 1965. That was a Wednesday, so I am guessing the party was probably the following weekend, about April 4th or 5th. My guess is that these pictures were taken by Otho Holcomb's family.

Left front, woman with hands on her hips: Alma Henrickson Bentley. On the other side of the table, standing holding the baby is Ralph Green holding his daughter, Sherry. Beside Ralph on the left, is his wife, Joy. Directly in front of Joy is their son, Mark. Again, on the other side of the table at the end on the right is Poppy (Otho Bentley), next to him going left is Willie Bentley, then Edna Bentley. Next to Edna is Greg Meade.
On the left in pink is Billie McKinney. In the middle, Alma Henrickson Bentley. On the right in the dark dress is Lake Bentley Pass. Next to Lake on the right is Poppy. The lady standing on the other side of the table in green is Joy Meade Greene.

The lady with her back to us on the far left is Alma Bentley talking to Lake Bentley Pass. Beside them facing us is Billie McKinney.

These are old pictures taken with some of the first color film. They have faded a lot. This gathering looks more formal than other gatherings I remember taking place.

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