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Our oldest Addington family member is John Addinton who was born in 1480 and died in 1514. His wife's name was Alice.

His son was Ralph Addington born in 1513, married to Elizabeth and died in 1542.

His son was Robert Addington born in 1541, married to Margery.

His son was William Addington born in 1561, married to Katherine Humfrey.

His son was Henry Addington born in 1581 in England, married to a Watson.

His son was William Addington born in 1607 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, England, married to Christian Sharrock.

His son was Henry Addington bor July 10, 1659 in Fringford, Oxforsdhire, England, married to Elizabeth Watts.

His son was Anthony Addington born Novermber 29, 1713, married to Mary Hilley.

William L. Addington was born in London in 1750. He was from a wealthy family, and was well educated. At this time there were a large number of emigrants from England to America. William wanted to come, too, though his parents tried to disuade him. In the end, they furnished him with enough money to supply him for a good while and let him go. He was 20, he came to America. He traveled through the Carolinas and settled in Culpepper County, Virginia. He married Margaret Cromwell in Virginia just before the Revolutionary War began.

William served in the Revolutionary War under General George Washington. He was present at the surrender of Yorktown on October 19, 1781. Shortly after the war ended he moved his family to North Carolina. About 1785 he and twelve other families moved into southwest Virginia settling in Russell County near Hyter's Gap.

Margaret probably thought that she had married well and would be well taken care of. Instead, William developed some mental illness about 1799 which plagued him for the rest of his life. About this time he moved to War Gap Ridge. This could have been to be nearer Margaret's brother, Charles Cromwell so that he could help her.

On July 12, 1802 William was admittted to the Lunatic Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia. HE was on their list of patients from 1800 through 1805. He was treated for melancholy, which today would be called depression. Margaret was responsible for feeding him and seeing to his needs. She would have lived near or even stayed with him at the hospital. She had to sell most everything they had to keep him in the hospital. When he died the hospital had a two carpenters construct a coffin for him. He was buried on the hospital grounds. He died on February 9, 1805.

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