Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seldom Wright Price

Joel and Susannah Wright's daughter, Margaret, never married. She did have a daughter named Sidney. The father is unknown. Sidney had a son by William Luntz. That son was William S. "Bill" Wright. He married Letty Bates, the granddaughter of John Wallis and Sarah Waltrip Bates. Her father was James Bates who was murdered by the home guard during the civil war. Her mother was Bessie Adams. I just put that in to tie in others I have already written about. Bill and Letty had 11 children.

One of them was Samuel J. Tilden Wright. He married Lydia Margaret Craft. They had nine children that I am aware of so far.

I was looking though the pictures I took at Green Acres Cemetery. When they are digital they are all named DSN001, 002, etc. When I put them on the computer I change the names to something a bit more meaningful like Samuel J. Tildon Wright 1878 1974 tombstone. I was renaming some of those pictures today while my dad slept and when I got near Samuel Tildon, Jr's I had a laugh. Near or next to his grave was that of his sister, Seldom Wright Price. Seeing is believing.

I didn't have much time to work on them, but I found that Seldom was born on May 27, 1918. She married a Price, of course, and died on September 30, 2006. She was living in Florida at the time of her death. I don't know her husband's name. He may still be alive. I can only imagine the sense of humor that Seldom must have had in her life.

I don't remember in which family, but I know I ran across one relative who had 18 or 20 children and he named them from the encyclopedia. Two of the girls just had awful names. They never married. I always thought their names had something to do with how their lives turned out. When I come across them, I will defintely put them in a blog.

Seldom had five older brothers: William, Nicholaus, Harvey Charles and.......... Commonly. After Seldom were brothers Hilliard and S. Tilden Wright Jr. and sister Hennie Wright.

Samuel S T Wright, the father, was a Baptist minister, a farmer, a real estate dealer and a contractor for road construction. At least that is what I picked up from the census records and a few other tidbits I found.

Seeing Seldom Wright just made me giggle.


  1. Yes, humor abounds in our family. But to make some corrections... Nicholaus was just Nick. Nick wasn't short for anything. Just Nick. Commonly wasn't my uncle's name. It was Comey. Here's the funny part. He was named Comey because it was common to have boys in the family and Seldom was named Seldom because it was 'seldom' that girls were born in our family. Most everything else is correct.

  2. I agree, Nicholas is wrong. I probably entered that early on or just plain fat fingered it. However, I do not believe that his name was just Nick from birth. In the 1910 and 1920 census records he was listed as Nicodemus. He was Nick in the 1930 census and on the Social Security Death Record files.

    Comey's birth record says his name was Comely. In the 1920 census he is listed as Commonly and in 1930 it looks like Commore. Seems more fitting that from the story told to you and me that his actual name would have been Commonly.

    Thanks for the input.