Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seldom Wright Price 2

Even though I couldn't find an obituary for Seldom, I thought I would share with you the information that cousin Lois told me about her.

Seldom is one of the family members that Lois and her brother, Orville, interviewed and got to know well.  She shared her family pictures with them.  Lois, is in turn, is sharing them with us.  Lois is in the midst of a move.  When she is settled in her new home, if there are pictures of Seldom herself, or those of her family, I am sure that we will see them and I will run another update.

"Seldom was named Seldom because when after having five sons her father said "we Seldom have a girl." Quite a sense of humor wasn't it."Her younger brother, who was listed as "Commonly" in the census was actually named "Comley".  He died when he was young. She married well in choosing Mr. Price.  Her family was very proud of her and the life she lived.
She collected old cars.  One of them in her collection was a car that Queen Wilhemina rode in when she was visiting here in America.  Later, we will print some of the cars that she had in her collection.

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