Saturday, October 25, 2008


Donna, who is four years younger than me, said what she remembered about Poppy was him sitting in the rocking chair with the fly swatter.  He said that he would say  "C'mere little girl."  She said she didn't think he knew if she was a granddaughter or a neighbor.  I think he probably knew she was a granddaughter, but he had too many of them to remember who was who. 

Janice called me tonight.  She said that he used to call her "little girl", too.  He would not have his false teeth in and would say,  "Little girl, go get those teeth for me." 
She also say that like the non-payment for the flies, Poppy used to promise to take the boys fishing if they finished plowing or clearing or doing some chore that needed doing.  I don't think he followed through then either.

Janice had heard him say the "I'm ashamed of my people" line.  She said it was usually when something funny had happened and he would raise his hand and slap it down on his knee and say "I'm ashamed of my people" like someone else would say "Land sakes."  She said it was always appropriate and funny.

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