Friday, October 24, 2008

Custard's Last Stand

When Poppy was having strokes we spent a lot of time visiting when he would be in the hospital. I remember one weekend when I was in the car with Aunt Wilma, Aunt Sabrina, Shirley, Kris and me.  Maybe there were others.  I am sure we were packed in.

We had to sit in the waiting room while the grown ups visited.  Children were not allowed in the rooms.

On the way home, Aunt Wilma pulled into a custard stand named Custard's Last Stand.  This was a real treat.  Aunt Sabrina ordered a plain hot dog.  There was some discussion about whether this meant without onions and chli, but Aunt Sabrina said it meant a plain hot dog, no mustard, no ketchup, just a plain hot dog.

I am sure we kids just got a custard cone, but there were other sandwiches ordered besides the hot dog.  When Aunt Sabrina opened the food bag she found with the other sandwishes one plain hot dog.  No mustard, no ketchup and no bun.  Just a plain hot dog.  We laughed and laughed over that hot dog.  For years I thought that those guys in the custard stand sure were dumb to have put in that hot dog in. (Aunt Sabrina had a plain one with a bun, too.)

It wasn't til years later that I figured out what a prankster Aunt Wilma was and that I am sure she had those guys add that hot dog into the order for the very effect that it received.  We talked about Custard's Last Stand for years.  Aunt Wilma was a case.

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