Saturday, October 4, 2008

Granny's Kitchen

My favorite picture of my grandmother is a suprise shot where she is standing in front of the stove in the kitchen.  In copying the pictures I had in the box for Granny and Poppy, I found a double exposed shot.  I couldn't get rid of it either.  She is again at the stove, but not at the electric one I remember, but one she had before that.  So it is interesting to see something of the kitchen.

The kitchen was the center of good food, good stories, good laughter and close family.  I think my favorite part of the house was the porch because we socialized and the kitchen because it was the heart of the home.

Granny, Aunt Alma and Aunt Lake.
Do you remember the material the flour or was it feed sacks were made of?  When I first heard Granny and my aunts talking about making aprons out of the feedsacks, I was thinking why would they want that old brown strawy stuff as an apron.  It was really pretty material.  There were always a large number of aprons in the kitchen.  Look at the ones they are wearing here.

Granny, Aunt Stella and Aunt Mary Evelyn (Mrs DV Bentley)
Look at the screen door.  There was a concrete block outside which served as a step down.  You could go to the pumphouse for the canned goods that Granny put away.  Also, just outside were the clotheslines.  I saw Granny hang a chicken on those lines before she brought it in to pluck the feathers, singe, clean and cook it.

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