Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bentley Front Porch

The front porch at the old home place has the best memories for me.  That was the social center of the house in good weather.

See that bannister running around the porch?  I remember when it wasn't there.  I must have been about four or five.  I was outside on the porch swinging in the wooden swing.  Can was out there and so was one of his friends.  The friend was sitting in Poppy's rocker.  Can was down on the ground to the right of the steps.  He was teasing me and the boy, too, I suppose.  He told me if I woud kiss the boy he would give me a quarter.  I thought it was worth it, so I went over to give the guy a kiss on the cheek and he took his foot and kicked me in the stomach clear off the porch.  I landed down beside Can.  I don't remember being hurt so much as shocked, but I know I cried.

Mom and others were in the kitchen and I am sure he did not want me to tell what happened.  He gave me four shiney quarters for my silence about the incident.  I went straight into the kitchen to ask if I could go down to the forks to the store.  I told mom about my quarters.  After all, he didn't say I couldn't tell about the quarters, just not about being kicked off the porch.

The next year when we came back the bannister was around the porch.

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