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Edward "Neddy" Boone 1740 - 1780

Edward "Neddy" Boone was the brother of Daniel Boone. He was my g-g-g-g-g-g-g grandmother Mary Boone Webb's nephew as was Daniel.
Neddy was born on November 30, 1740 in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was about ten when his father, Squire Boone, left Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina. There he met and married Martha Bryan, a sister of Rebecca Bryan who Daniel married. Their children were born in North Carolina.
In about 1779 Daniel led a large party to Kentucky. Neddy may have been a part of this group. He could have come to Kentucky earlier.
From the Jess M. Thompson - Pike County History, Chapter 101, he wrote:
  • In the party traveled Edward Boone and his family, with 22 pack horses, besides those the family rode. Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of the President, also went out to Kentucky with this party.
  • With Edward Boone and his wife on the journey were their six children, Charity, Jane, Mary, Sarah, George and Joseph Boone. Charity was already married, her husband, Francis Elledge, being with her on the journey. Mary Boone, Charity's sister, was then about 15.
From the Boone Family, A Genealogical History, page 70, it says:
  • He (Neddy) and Daniel and several other men had gone to the Blue Licks Salt Licks to boil down salt. It took 680 galls of salt water to boil down a bushel of salt. It cost a $5 Continental bill to buy a bushel of salt. "
On their way back to Fort Boonesborough, they stopped to let the horses graze. The Story goes on in "The Pioneer and the Prarie Lawyer" by Willard Mounts:
  • Daniel and Edward Boone went hunting on Himkstone. Found a good grassy spot and stopped to let their horses graze. Edward Boone picked up some nuts and commenced cracking them on a stone in his lap and watching the horses while Daniel Boone said he would take a walk and come back by the time the horses were through picking; he had scarcely gone when several guns cracked and he saw two or three Indians after him. He darted off into the cane and was followed by a dog. Finally to evade him he stepped behind a tree and shot the dog as it approached. Indians came up and rolled over the dead dog, looked at it regretfully and departed. Col. Boone saw the Indians but thought it wisest to remain quiet. Seven balls had been shot into Edward and he must have been killed instantly."
Edward died on October 6, 1780. Martha was a young widow and she never remarried.

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