Monday, November 17, 2008

Goose Creek Cemetery behind R B Meade's

I am searching for my great grandmother's grave. She was Annie Houston Mullins. She was the first wife of my great grandfather, Joshua Mullins. Their son was my grandfather, James Mullins. She died in chilbirth in 1906.

After Annie died, the children stayed with her parents, Thaney & Betsy Houston. I followed Thaney and Betsy through the 1920 cenus and then they just dropped off the records. I thought they might have died before the 1930 census, but I could not find a death certificate for either. Since I knew that there was a cemetery behind one of the family homes at Goose Creek, I thought that is probably where Annie had to be buried. I was also hoping that it is were Thaney and Betsy were buried, too.

My cousin, Rosie, verified through another cousin that Annie had been buried at Goose Creek. They did not know about Thaney and Betsy.

Rosie had the directions on finding the cemetery. We agreed since it was raining Saturday and snowy today we would go today to find the cemetery. I was anxious to see what this cemetery and knew that it would probably be behind a locked gate on the weekends, but I went anyway.

I followed Rosie's instructions and they were perfect. She was right. I ran into a locked gate. I was turning around to leave when another car came up the road. Since it is one lane, I let her come up and waited. I went down the road then turned around and went back to the car and asked about the cemetery.

Turns out one of the women in the car was Denton Houston's step-granddaughter. My Annie was Denton's sister. The other lady was a Hall by marriage. She sent me to her father-in-law's home because she said he knew everyone.

I went and Mr. Hall was sleeping, but his wife and son were the most hospitable. They told me so many things about Goose Creek. I know of four other cemeteries there. Rosie and I will try to find at least two of them.

Mrs. Hall told me that I should call one of R. B. Meade's sons. She gave me his number. The cemetery where Annie should be was behind their house. R. B. was married to Siller Houston who was Denton Houston's daughter.

Cousin Meade said he couldn't help me with Annie's grave. He said it had been 53 years since he had been there, but he couldn't remember an Annie. He said he was so sorry, but all he remembered was his grandpa's parents were buried there. Who were they? I asked. Thaney and Betsy Houston.

I asked if Thaney and Betsy had tombstones. He said "oh yes." He said when they were first buried they had houses over their graves. Over the years the houses fell apart and they were taken down. He said that when you go up there was a fence around the graves. But outside of the fence were four graves belonging to Jenny McCray, her husband, a child of Denton named Mae and a baby (who at this moment I can't remember).

He said inside the fence next to Jenny's grave was Thaney's and next to him was Betsy's grave.

I have gloves, a broom, chalk and my camera to take to the cemetery today. I will post the results after I get my main computer back and can access the pictures from my camera. It may be two weeks. Hopefully not.

I can't believe I am still connected. I have so many things that I have discovered.

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