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Big John Hall's Family Part 2

Going on with the children of John Samuel Hall and Karenhappick Yonts:

Jonathan married Mary Polly Meade.  In the 1870 census John was listed in his parents home as 14.  In 1880 he is own his own with Mary.

I misnamed this picture for Jonathan and Rachel Meade.  It is actually Jonathan, his son, and Mary "Polly" Meade.

Jonathan Hall & Mary Meade

1880 Letcher County
Jonathan 35, farmer  (aged quite a bit, didn't he?)
Mary 30, wife, keeping house
Robert 6, son
John 4, son
William 1, son

Twenty years later in 1900 Millston, Letcher County, Kentucky
Hall, Johnty 45, head, Dec 1855, married 24 years, farmer
Polly, 45, wife, Nov 1855, had 11 children, 11 living
Leander 14, son Oct 1885
Hotence 12, daughter, Jan 1888
Elijah, 10, son, Apr 1890
Armindy, 8, daughter, Mar 1892
Riley 6, son Jun 1893
Ballard, 4 son Mar 1896

Mary and John divorce in 1908.  Mary is living with her son, William in 1910.  They have moved to West Virginia.

1910 Mingo County, West Virginia
Hall, William M., hea, 31, marriage 1, 10 years,  farmer, general
Clarsey, wife, 27, marriage 1, had 7 children, 2 living
Lute, son, 5,
Simon P., son, 8 months, WV KY KY
Polly, mother, 50, divorced
Riley, brother, 18, laborer, on farm
Ballard, brother, 12 laborer on farm
All were KY KY KY except Simon so with Lute being born in Kentucky they have been in West Virginia less than five years.

Robert married Nancy Meade. She was Mary Meade's sister.  They stayed in Letcher County.  In the 1870 census with his parents Robert was 10.

1880 Whitesburg, Letcher County
Elisha, 22, farmer
Nancy, 21, wife, keeping house
Andrew, 3, son
Robert, 9 months, son born in September of 1879

1900 Millstone, Letcher County
Elijah 40, head, May 1860, married 22 years, farmer
Nancy 40, wife, Mar 1860, had 10 children, 7 living
Johnny 18, son Apr 1882
Tilitha 11, daughter Sep 1888
Eveline 9, daughter, Feb 1891
Nancy E., 7, daughter, Jan 1893
Levy, 5, daughter, un 1894
Virgie, 2, daughter, Jun 1897
Meade, Robert, 18, servant, Oct 1881

Robert Hall was born in 1860

William Hall was born in 1864

The following are the children of Big John and Rachel Meade.

Leander married Nancy J. White.  They move to West Virginia.  Thier known children are Susan, Rachel, John Lee, Betty, and William E.

Marion John was born in 1869.  He married Maxaline Hall on March 23, 1889 in Letcher County.  She was the daughter of John Hall and Elizabeth Johnson.  They were cousins.

1900 Millstone, Letcher County
Marion 30, Sept 1869, head, married 12 years, farmer
Maxiline, 25, Mar 1875, wife, had 3 children, 3 living
Lee, 18, Jun 1891, son (he is only 8, but the census taker wrote in 18)
Birtha, 6, May 1894, daughter
William, 3, Jan 1897, son

1910 Millstone, Letcher County
Marion John, Head, 37, 1st marriage, married 21 years, farmer, general farm
Magoline, wife, 36, had 7 children, 7 living
Bertha, daughter, 15, farm laborer, home farm
Willie, son, 12, farm laborer, home farm
Cinthiah L., daughter, 9
Betty A., daughter, 6
Elizabeth, daughter, 3
Rindy M., daughter, 6 months

Marion was shot and killed on August 1, 1914 after the school trustee election in Rockhouse.  He was buried on August 7 at Dean.

Maxaline died on November 27, 1950 in Fleming.  Her cause of death was uremia due to hypertension.

Manerva Hall was born in 1872.  She married Jasper N. Hall. 

Jasper Hall with Manerva Hall holding Dixie

1910 Millstone, Letcher County
Jasper, head, 2nd marriage, 19 years, farmer, general farm
Minerva, wife, 42, 1st marriage, had 4 children, 3 living., farm laborer, home farm
Whirley, son, 2

Esquire Hall married a Mary.

Esquire Hall & Mary "Polly"

Mary married Wilson Hall.  He was a coal miner.  He died on October 20, 1918 of influenza in Weeksbury, Pike County.  Mary died September 26, 1962.  She was in Williamson, Mingo County, West Virginia. 

Mary Hall & Hattie Collier

Elizabeth "Betty" married William R. "Will" Stewart.  He was killed in a logging accident in Kanawhat County, Virginia.  Betty died November 15, 1972 in Mayking.  They had at least:  Shellie Ann, Bud and Stella.

Betty holding Bud and William holding Shellie.
Betty with her grandson, Carl.

Lance E. married Pliney. 

1910 Millstone, Letcher County.
Lance, 28, marriage 1, married 9 years, farmer, general farm.
Pliney, wife, 39, marriage 2, had 1 child, not living, farm laborer, home farm.

Lance was killed on August 1, 1914 at the school trustee election in Rockhouse.

Albert died on August 1, 1914 at the school trustee election in Rockhouse.

Emiline Hall was born in 1888.  She died in 1917 .

Bud "Big Bud" married Clovia Meade.  He died May 15, 1971 in Ermine.

Big Bud Hall

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