Wednesday, November 12, 2008

James Taylor Adams writes about Benjamin Webb as told to him by Colly Jesse Adams

In researching Letty Adams and her dreams, I found another article written by James Taylor Adams.  He is a relative and so far, I know that he was born about 1899.  He wrote a column called Applachian Tales in the Kingsport Times News.  I plan to more work on him.  At this point I know his father was Joseph Adams.  I don't know his mother's name yet.  After Joseph died she married Jesse "Colly Jesse" Adams who was a second cousin to Joseph.  James was about 11 at the time.  His article starts out telling about Colly Jesse, who was about 80 and something that happened to him which caused him to tell the story of Benjamin Webb.  I am going to save that part til I have more about James Taylor Adams.  He was another keeper of the family stories.

On November 26, 1950 this is what he wrote about Benjamin Webb as told to him by Colley Jesse Adams:

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