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Big John Hall's Family Part 1

The election day shootings involved two families, the Halls and the Quillens. They lived in Millstone and were neighbors. I plan on going to the library and going through back issues of the Mountain Eagle to find out more details. My newspaper archives subscription is a disappointment to me.

I have written about two Hall lines. One we are related to and the other we are not. Big John's family is our line. Going back to Jesse Hall and Candacia "Dicy" Franklin, who are my 5th great grandparents, their son Masias is our direct grandfather. Next in line is Richard Hall, then Enoch Mahlon Hall, then Joe Hall and then Nancy Alice Hall who married Otho Bentley.

Masias had a brother named Reuben. Reuben married Nancy Branham Smith. One of their sons was Jonathan Hall. Jonathan Hall was first married to Mary Sanders. They had at least six children: John Samuel, Sarah Jane, Reuben, Allen, Lucinda and Lewis. After Mary died, Jonathan married Susannah Elliott.

In the 1850 Census of Letcher county, Jonathan and Mary were living alone. He was listed as 51 and she as 52.

In the 1860 Census Jonathan and Mary are in the household headed by Jonathan and his first wife, Karenhappik Yonts.

In 1870 Jonathon is in his own dwelling again, this time with Susan. He is 70 and she is 62.

In 1880 Jonathan is 79, still working the farm. Susannah is 66. Living with them are their grandchildren Benjamin, 16, and Jane, 8.

John Samual Hall, the son of Jonathan & Mary Sanders Hall is known as "Big John". He is married to Karenhappick Yonts on September 11, 1845. She is listed in some census records as Caren and some as Happick. I have tried to find where her name came from and the closest I can find is that there was a family called Karenhappuck who lived in Virginia, but I cannot find any connection to them. Karenhappick is used in several families.

Karenhappick was the daughter of William Yonts and Levisa. Levisa was his second wife. His first wife was Margaret Bentley, the sister of Daniel Bentley. William, Margaret and Daniel were part of the early settlers of Letcher County.

Big John and Caren had at least seven children: Levina, Reuben, Lewis, Jonathan, Elijah, Robert and William. I assume that she died, although I have not found a death certificate yet.

On November 18, 1866 Big John married Rachel Meade.

Rachel Meade and Big John Hall

They had at least ten children: Leander, Marion John, Manerva, Esquire, Mary, Elizabeth "Betty", Lance E., Albert, Emiline, and Bud "Big Bud".

Rachel Meade was the daughter of Thomas Kronis Meade and Mary "Polly" Hall. Thomas' brother, Albert was married to Mary Emeline Brummit, one of Jesse Wright's four wives. Mary "Polly" Hall was Big John's aunt, a sister to Jonathan Hall who married Mary Sanders. That means that Big John married his first cousin.

The census records for Big John show:

1850 Letcher County
John 27, farmer
Hapick, 21
Viney 4
Reuben 2
All born in KY

1860 Letcher County
John 38
Caren 31
Levina 15
Lewis 9
Jonathan 5
Eliga 2
Jonathan 60, farm laborer VA (John's father)
Mary, 62, VA (John's mother)
All born in KY except Jonathan and Mary.

1870 Letcher County
Samuel 49, farmer (his middle name is Samuel)
Rachel 22, keeping house
John 14
Elijah 12
Robert 10
William 5 (the last child of Karenhappick)
Leander 3 (the first child of Rachel)

1880 Whitesburg, Letcher County
John 60, farmer
Rachel 32, keeping house
William 16, son, works on farm
Leander 12, son, works on farm
Marion 10, son
Manerva, 8, daughter
Esquire, 6 son
Mary 4, daughter
Elizabeth 1, daughter
All born in KY and both parents born in KY.

The census in 1890 was burned.

1900 Millstone, Letcher County
John, head, June 1819, 80, married 35 years, farmer
Rachel, wife, Nov 1851, 48, had 11 children, 10 living
Elizabeth daughter, May 1879
Lance E., son, Jan 1882, 18, farm laborer
Albert, son, Nov 1886, 14
Emiline, daughter, Mar 1888, 12
Bud, son, May 1890, 10

I keep seeing on other genealogies that John died February 25, 1909 in West Virginia. I have not found his death certificate yet.

I havne't found Rachel in 1910 yet, but in 1920 she is in Millstone living with her daughter Elizabeth "Betty" who was married to Greenville Meade. I haven't found her date of death yet nor a 1930 census that she might be in.

The Children of Big John and Karenhappick Yonts

Levina is lost to me after the age of 15 when she is in the 1860 census with her parents. I do not know if she married.

Reuben was born in 1848 in Letcher County and was 2 years old in the 1850 census with his family. He died on March 11, 1852 in Letcher County. The records show "cause not known" for his death.

Lewis L. Hall was born on May 6, 1851 at Rockhouse. On April 19, 1866 he married Elizabeth "Betsy: Quillen. She was the daughter of William Quillen. They had at least twelve children. So far I have only found nine of their names: Leuvina "Vina", Riley, Ezekiel, Nancy, Enoi, Sarah Clarissa, Talton, George and Kisie.

Their census records go like this:

1870 Letcher County
Lewis 19
Betsy 19
Rile 2
Vina 5 months

1880 Letcher County
Lewis 37
Elizabeth 30, wife, keeping house
Vina 10, daughter
Riley 8, son
Ezekiel 6, son
Nancy 4, daughter
Enoi 2, son
Sarah 1, daughter
Showeh, Clerice, 8 Servant (the last name was very hard to read and I probably have it wrong.)

Betsy died in 1892.

In 1900 Lewis is found in Hardee, Mingo County, West Virginia. His wife's name is Fanny Davis, but she is liste as having been married only one year and having had no children. There are other children so in the years since Betsy died Lewis has apparently married another woman or at least had a relationship with her. the name that comes up is Martha Bates.

1900 Hardee, Mingo County, West Virginia
Lewis L., head, May 1851, married 33 years, KY KY KY
Fanny, wife, May 1890, 20, married 1 year, had no children
George, son, May 1886, 14 (probably Betsy's child)
Kisie, daughter, Aug 1890 (probably Betsy's child)
Lace, son, Mar 1894, 6 (possibly Martha Bate's child)
Ada, daughter, Jan 1896, 4 (possibly Martha Bate's child)
Christian, Fanny, niec, Dec 1898, 1 WV WV OH

Apparently things didn't work out with Fannie or she passed away. Lewis has now married Tanzie E. Neece.

1910 Logan, Logan County, West Virginia
Louis L. 58, marriage 2, married 7 years, KY KY KY Farmer, general farm
Tanzie E, wife, marriage 2, had 10 children, 8 living, WV WV WV
Lace 16, son, WV KY KY, laborer, coal tipple
Ada, 14, daughter, WV KY KY
Fannie 11, daughter, WV KY WV (possibly Fannie's child)
Arthur, 8, son, WV KY WV, (possibly Fannie's child)
Mollie, 7, daughter (probably Tanzie's child)
Logan H, 5, son, WV KY WV
Robert O. 2, son, WV KY WV

1920 Logan, Logan County, West Virginia
Lewis L. 68, head, KY KY KY, Retail Merchant, Grocery Store
Tamsey E. 51, wie WV WV WV
Arthur, 18, son, WV KY WV
Mollie, 16, daughter, WV KY WV
Logan H. 14, son, WV WV WV
Ida, 9, daughter, WV WV WV
Hornsby, Willie, 5, grandson, WV WV WV

Lewis died on March 31, 1929 in Henlawson, West Virginia.

Jonathan Hall was born on December 22, 1855 in Rockhouse. He married Mary "Polly" Meade on Janurary 5, 1874 in Letcher County. She was the daughter of Robert C. Meade and Sarah "Sally" Collier. Robert was the son of Thomas Kronis Meade and Mary "Polly" Hall. Sarah was the daughter o Richard Collier and Mary Caudill. She was a sister to William Dee Collier who was the grandfather of Sadie Collier, the first wife of Otho Bentley.

I will go on with this family tomorrow.

I have tried to follow each of the children:

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