Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bad John Hall 2

I had a hard time getting anything to work on the blogsite last night.  I started the wedding story and it would not upload the pictures.  Sometimes it is just hard to work.  I waited til I went to the library and used their wifi to do the pictures and it worked ok.  At dad's my mobile broadband must pick up very little bandwidth.
Anyway, I started seeing what all I had on Bad John from my searches and this is what I came up with:

John William Hall was the second son of Lee and Louisa Little Hall. In the 1880 census Lee and Louisa are newlyweds.  Twenty years later the 1900 census of Floyd County says Louisa has had nine children but only 6 of them are living:

Lee Hall 43, married 26 years, farmer born February 1859
Louisa 45, wife, nurse, born September 1854
Marion 18, September 1881
John 17, January 1883
Sil, 14, March 1886
Melvill, 12, February 1888
Licey, 10, January 1890
Lee, 7 June 1892

Also living with them is 26 year old Polley Laytee and her daugther Becca.  Polley is listed as a servant in the household.

John married his first cousin, America Little.  Her parents were Owen "Ode" Little and Mary Jane Hall.  Mary Jane and Lee Hall were the children of John William "Wash" Hall and Lucinda "Cindy" Hall.

In 1903 John Melvin Hall was born to John and America.

1910 census

In 1910 Elva Hall was born to John and America.

John married Belle Roberts. 

Hatler Hall was born 1913.

Gertrude Hall was born in 1916.

John had a relationship with Catherine "Cassie" Branham.

Gladys hall was born to John and Catherine in 1917.

In 1920 John is with Cassie.  He is 38 and she is 22.  Also, living with them are:

Hatter, son, 8
Sarah M, daughter 5
Gertrude, daughter 4
Gladdes, daughter, 1 year 1 month.

I am not sure where Sarah comes from.

Children John M. and Elva are now 14 and 9 and living with America Hall who says she is a widow and a wash woman.  Ameirica lives next door to her parents and two houses away from Cassie and John.

In 1930 John is 47.  He says he first married at 17 and lists his occupation as Police for Wheelwright.  his wife now is Daisy.  She is Daisy Mae Little who first married at age 12.  Also in the household are Marie "Little Daisy", Charles, H. Gordon and W. Woodford.

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