Thursday, November 6, 2008


I found an article that came from the Washington Post on August 2, 1914.  The headline is above in the title of this blog.  Here is what it said:

Whitesburg, Ky., Aug 2---As a result of trouble growing out of the election of a school trustee on the headwaters of Rockhouse Creek, in this county, a desperate pitched battle was fought yesterday evening between members of the Hall and Quillen families, in which four were killed.

The dead are Albert Hall, Elce Hall, Marion Hall, and Dug Quillen, Lance Hall and Mrs. Albert Hall were seriously wounded.
I have a subscription to an online newspaper archive so I tried to find more that might have been printed about this incident.  I could not. 

I have worked on the family yesterday and today.  What I found was Marion, Lance and Albert Hall were brothers, sons of John Samuel "Big John" Hall and Rachel Meade.  The Quillen was Duncan "Dunk" Quillen who was the son of James Quillen and Elizabeth Hall.  Dunk and the Halls were not related by blood, although Marion's wife was a first cousin once removed.  Dunk is my second cousin twice removed through the Wrights (Elizabeth Wright married a Quillen.) on Dad's side.  The Halls are third cousins 3 times removed thru Granny.

The "Elce" Hall I am not sure of, but when I was going through the death certificates I found

77 Albert Hall
79  Duncan Quillen
80  Marion Hall

So I looked to see who number 78 was.  It was Talton Hall son of Lewis Hall, a brother to Albert, Marion and Lance.

The Quillens and the Halls were neighbors who lived in Millstone.  I have searched and tried to find who was in the election -- both who won and who lost, but I could not find it.  I also tried to find who shot who, but that wasn't available either.  All four death certificates said the cause of death was "gunshot wound, sudden homicide".

I sent an email to a cousin who might have access to who was in that election.  I will post that later if she replies.  I will also run more information on the family when I get finished going through all the census records. 

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