Friday, November 14, 2008

Gramma Kilt a Bar at Age 17

Got a couple of comments about Benjamin and Millie. Benjamin is believed and Millie not so much. LOL

Well, if that were one big old hungry and frustrated at not getting that hog bear and someone bonked me on the head with a frying pan, then I believe I would be enraged enough to turn around and swipe the heck out of the person with that cast iron. I would probably have taken it from them and beat them senseless. But then I would be a bear and I probably would have just killed the person instead of the hog. Now maybe it was just a baby bear. Usually there is a grain of truth to stories like that. I would imagine that I would not be suprised to find the bear was one dragging along a bear trap, dazed from being stung by a thousand bees and hung up in the fence trying to get at that mouth watering pork.

So do I believe totally? Nah, but I love the story. And I love finding out something besides my g-g-g-g Grandmother's name.

When I find clippings of stories like this, I do want to present them the way they were originally published. I could copy and paste the clippings, but they are very difficult to read, so I just transcribed the. I try to preserve them as they were written but sometimes I can't help but correct spelling (which was probably just a typsetting error), but I really try to do them exactly as written.

I have found 347 clippins with James Taylor Adams in them. So far three have been about family members. James was a very interesting fellow himself so part of the clippings are his obituary, his withdrawal from the Wise County Sheriff's office race in the 1930's and his announcements of forthcoming reunions, historical society meetings and things which happened to him.

I think James Taylor Adams is a gold mine.

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