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Rosie Adams Fulton Mullins 1872 - 1951

Rosa B. Adams was born on the 28th of Janurary in 1872. Her parents were Jesse B. Adams and Margaret "Peggy" Jenkins. She was my second cousin four times removed through the Adams line on Granny's (Nancy Alice Hall Bentley) side of the family going back to our common ancestor John Hobbs Adams and Lydia "Lettie" Simpson.

The 1880 Letcher County Census lists Jesse 59, Margaret 54, Israel 14 and Mary 8. She is always listed as Rosa B, but she could have been Mary Rose, for this is the right age for her to be as the Mary 8.

Of course, there is no 1890 census.

Her mother, Margaret "Peggy" Jenkins Adams died on October 9, 1882.

In 1883 when Rosie is 11 years old and Joshua Mullins is 14, Jesse Adams, widower, married Rebecca Hays Mullins, widow.

Rosie married John Fulton November 2, 1888. Joshua married Annie Houston on June 8, 1892.

On June 9, 1910 when the Letcher County Census was taken John Fulton is 31, says they have been married 11 years and he is renting the farm they live on. Rosie is 28 and reports she has had five children and all are living: Oty 10, Izy 7, Conrad 5, John 3 and Jesse 1.

This is a picture I received from my cousin, Lois, in Delaware. It is the young couple John Fulton and his wife, Rosie.

These are other pictures of the Fulton family that I came across on the web, but I don't have the ID's on everyone because I lost them when my computer crashed last October. I have been trying to find them again to get the ID's, but figured this was the time to share them anyway.

John is farming, but he also worked in the coal mines. He took a job over in Virginia and was away from home for many hours. He got involved with a woman there and he and Rosie divorced.

In 1910 John Fulton is living in the Elkhorn district of Letcher County. The family is listed as John 41, Laura 33, Johnie J. 14, Conard 12, Jesse 9 and Willard 6.

Rosie is still in Millstone as the head of her household. They are listed as Rosa 38, Connard 15, Johnnie 13, Jesse B. 11, Rebecca 8 and Willard 6. Also living with them is an orpahn girl, Martha Profitt age 7.

I think I found John's census information first, so I thought poor Rosie. He goes off and has an affair and takes the children leaving her alone. Much later I found Rosie. Could this be an early shared parenting arrangement? (just joking) They may have been amicable enough that the children did spend time in both households. I do know Conard was in Millstone. Lucky Fulton told me about him. Conard was the one who found Joshua Mullins on the road when he had died while out walking. Conard was also the one who drove my aunt Opal Bentley to stay at Neon when she was ill and needed to be nearer the doctors.
In 1912 Joshua, a widower again, married Rosie Adams Fulton.

They have two children of their own, Ada born in 1912 and Ida born in 1914. Apparently, now things are better in this household for his children from Annie Houston are back in the hone,

In the 1920 census it shows them as Joshua 49, Rosa 47, Marion 17, Betsey 15, Ada 7 and Ida 5. Rebecca Fulton age 18 is also living with them. Lucky Fulton told me that he never knew until we met and talked in November 2007 that the children were not Rosie's by birth. He said he never saw any difference in the treatment and thought they were all whole brothers and sisters.

I don't know the lady on the left in this picture, but she looks the most at ease in this picture to me. In the center is Cora Wright Mullins who married James Mullins. Next to her is her mother-in-law (well technically, step mother-in-law) Rosie Adams Fulton Mullins. In our family she is always referred to as Grandma Rosie.

In 1930 the household is Joshua 60, Rosa 58, Ada 17 and Ida 15.

Joshua and Rosie are together for another sixteen years. Joshua out walking has a heart attck and falls alongside the road. He is found by his step-son, Conard Fulton. He is buried on the mountain on November 20, 1946.

Rosie lives until October 20, 1951 when she has a stroke. She is buried on the mountain beside Joshua.

Grandma Rosie Mullins.

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