Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can, Jimmy, Otho Jr & Anna Sue

First, a correction to an earlier blog. It took me a while to get it straight what I had done, but I have gone back to the blog from June 7th on Grandpa Joshua Mullins and corrected the paragraph on Joshua's sister, Sarah. She first married a man named Short. Then I don't know if he died or they divorced, but she married Samuel Pee Collier, the son of William Dee Collier and Rebecca Meade. I went on to say that Willis Kirk Collier was the brother of Willam Dee. What I knew better was that Willis Kirk was the brother of Samuel P. Willis Kirk was Sadie Collier's father. I thank cousin Janice Bentley Norman for catching this error so I could correct the blog.

This is Can, Jimmy, Otho Jr and Anna Sue in the yard at the house on the right fork. The house is owned by Paul Hampton now (a distant relative). Here is how it looks now.

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