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Cora Lee Bentley Boggs 1892 1961

Cora Lee Bentley was the 10th of 11 children of John Martin Bentley and Malinda Addington. She was born in Millstone.

In the 1900 Census for Millstone the family was listed as follows:

Family 134
Bentley, John, 46, Nov 1853, married 28 years
Malinda 43, Dec 1856, had 11 children, 11 alive
Otho, son 15, Nov 1884
Florence C. 13, Jan 1887
Surilda J. 10, Oct 1889
Cora 8, May 1892
Laura Belle 3, Aug 1896
Wright, Mary A., lodger, 81, Sep 1818

Mary, the "lodger" in this family was Mary Anna "Annie" Bentley, John Martin's aunt. She was the sister of John Martin's father, John Vint Bentley. She was married to John Wright, the son of Joel Martin Susannah Wright. I found this interestng because in the 1880 census I copied for you when I talked about my great grandfather William Jesse Wright, this was the Mary Wright who lived with him and his wife at that time, Mary Brummett. I thought at first that Mary was a widow until I did some more searching on the Wrights and found that her husband, John was livng with their son, Hiram in 1880, so they had separated for some reason at that time. I will have to ask our cousin Lois about this because she knows a lot about "Aunt Annie". What struck me as odd the first time I ran across her was that she was living with her nephew, William Jesse, and not some of her blood relatives. Now I have found her again in 1900.

In 1910 John Martin Bentley's family is listed as:

Bentley, Martin, 56, first marriage, married 37 years
Malinda, 51, had 11 children, all living
Cora 16
Laura 12.

In 1912 Cora married Elmer Boggs on May 29th in Greenup County, Kentucky. Elmer was the son of Dock and Margaret A. Boggs. He had six whole sisters and brothers: Rosa E, William Albert, Virgie E., James H., and Sarah M. Dock married a second time giving Elmer 5 half sisters and brothers: Jesse, Arthur, Eskel, Alvy and Frank.

On March 10, 1913 Cora had her first child, a daughter who she named Laura Belle after her sister Laura Belle. Little Laura died on March 10 of pneumonia.

In 1916 Elmer and Cora had a second child Lola.

On June 5, 1917 Elmer Boggs registered for the draft for World War I. He claimed an exemption from service because he was crippled and had a wife and child. The description on the card said he was tall, stout with brown hair and brown eyes. It said he had a crippled foot. He worked reparing cars in a car shop.

In the 1920 cenus John Martin and Malinda are living in the Boggs household:

Boggs, Elmer 28, Car repair, Car shop
Cora 27,
Lola 4
Bentley J. M. 67
Malinda 65

In 1930 the Boggs are listed as family 212 living on Third Avenue in Fullerton, Greenup County, Kentucky:

Boggs, Elmer 28, married at 21, Car repair, Car shop
Cora 27, married at 20
Lola 15

Cora died on September 27, 1961 in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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