Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bentley Boys

Going straight across it is front row: Otho Jr., Freddy and Jerry and back row: Jimmy, John Vint and Can. This was taken about 1955.

Sitting on the couch: Freddy, Jimmy, Otho, Can and Jerry. Standing behind are Willie, DV, John Vint and Otho Jr.

This was in front of Uncle Willie's house: Jerry & Freddy in front, Willie, D. V., John Vint, Poppy (Otho), Otho Jr., Jimmy and Can. From the clothes I would say both of the last two pictures were taken on the same day.

We used to do a lot of picture taking of the family. Sometimes at reunions it's hard to get folks to stand together for a moment and I don't think we have had a big group shot since about 1983. We have lost Aunt Edna and Aunt Lake this year. Aunt Lettie is in very frail health. Aunt Anna Sue looked great physically when I saw her last week, but she is in a nursing home, too.

I love looking at the old pictures and hearing the stories -- good and bad-- about our family. I wish we had more preserved.

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