Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bentley Reunion Friday

We had a cookout last night at the Bentley reunion in Letcher County at the homeplace of Otho and Nancy Hall Bentley.  Bob and Charlotte Bentley (Aunt Laura & Sherman Bentley's line) from Greenup and Terry & Linda Bentley (Aunt Lettie's son) are camped in their RV's.  Kris is here from Texas.  Donna, Gary, Gary Jr and Peter Dursch are in from Germantown, Ohio.  The locals, D. V, Mary, Joe, Doris, Eddie, Pat, Eddie Jr, Sarah, Gage, Jerry, and Rose Bentley were all there.  Jimmy Caudil, Jack Stallard, Ronnie & Michelle Morgan and their familiy attended.  Jerry's daughter, Kelly and her family are in from Louisville.

I had a ball talking to Bob about family history.  He is a wealth of infomation.

Oh I did get an email saying Lisa and Nancy Ellen Bentley from Cleveland were on their way after work yesterday and probably got in around 2 am this morning. 

We did have a huge thunderstorm while we were sitting under Uncle DV's covered porch. It knocked out the electric up at the home place.  Terry and Linda were away visiting Aunt Lettie at the nursing home in Pikeville, but Charlotte weathered the storm in the RV.  As hard as it rained I am suprised that their awning withstood it, but everything was fine when we went up there after the storm.  Hopefully the electric is back on this morning or even better that it came on last night.

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